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由国外网友 Paulv2k4制作的FIFA20_游戏AI真实性补丁,更新至6.9,支持18号官方更新档,包含了平衡版本、困难版本,选择一个适合自己的版本。
The "Total Conversion" version of the Gameplay Realism Mod is a complete rework of all systems available via Frosty. In FIFA 20, the ability to change many more gameplay features has been added to Frosty Toolsuite, with that in mind, the next gameplay mod will be built from scratch. This gameplay mod is designed to overhaul the entire gameplay experience for full realism, authenticity, improved AI and most of all fun!
This version will divide opinion as it is an overhaul of FIFA's base gameplay and as I always say, a "new" version, doesn't neccessarily mean a better version. If you do not like the changes, I'd suggest dropping back to the Gameplay "Lite" mod.
Less boring games
Improve Goalkeeper Positioning, so they don't let in goals at the near post
More AI long passes
More AI direct dribbling
More AI shooting
More reliance on tactics
Player likeness - A larger emphasis on player attributes
A fast player can outrun a slow player
More AI tackling
More fouls
New ball control system
Disabled dynamic difficulty (the system that makes AI increase players attributes if the user is winning). Sorry, EA broke the ability to do this. As of TC2 Alpha 2, this is now removed.
There so many changes, its hard to write them all down, so here are the highlights!
Bigger difference in player speed and acceleration
Players with low speed attributes are now much slower than players with high
Players with low acceleration attributes are now much slower off the mark than players with high
Players with low agility attributes are now much slower turning than players with high
Bigger difference in player short passing accuracy
Players with high passing attributes are now able to control a game with their range of passing
Players with low passing attributes can make a mistake during game and have a noticable difference in ability
Bigger difference in player dribbling
Players with higher dribbling attributes are now able to get past defenders
Bigger difference in player shooting
Player's attributes are much more noticable and can really affect your shots
Driven and Finesse shots are much harder to use
Bigger difference in goalkeeping ability
Increased the difference between good and poor goalkeepers
GK of below 75 rating (EPL Championship) have a far reduced diving coverage compared to De Gea
Passing and Crossing
AI Decision making is much improved and will pass only when needed or neccessary
AI will play around the back, build up play or be direct dependant on their Tactic
Possession teams (i.e. Man City or Barcelona) are vastly improved and will no longer be an easy opposition
AI will cross if the opportunity is available
AI are less likely to play first time passes
Crossing is much easier for the user and AI to execute
Players are far more likely to make passing mistakes, especially if they are poor passers
AI will now try to shoot from outside the box
AI will now use good dribblers and aggressively dribble into space and drive into the box is the opportunity is there
Box to box midfielders are far more useful to the entire to carry the team into an attacking opportunity
Improved AI marking and reaction speed
High Press and Attacking teams no longer leave themselves open to an easy counter attack
Drop deep teams no longer sit in as much and do try a tackle ready for a counter attack
AI are much more likely to use a slide tackle
Stand tackling uses the attribute more for its range and ability
Tackles no longer automatically make the ball go to the tackler's team
Free Kicks
AI will now use the lob into the box free kick properly - no longer overhit the pass
Direct free-kicks are now powerful and useful, dependent on the player taking the kick
AI will now score from Direct free-kicks
Referees and Fouls
It is now much more difficult to be given a straight red card
Push Pull
Referees will call a foul for a shirt pull much more often
Stand Tackles
Referees are less likely to give a yellow for an mistimed stand tackle
Slide Tackles
Referees are less likely to give a yellow for an accidental mistimed slide tackle
Referees are less likely to give a handball in the penalty box
Referees are more likely to give a handball outside the penalty box
Ball Physics
As the pitch is worn, the ball bounces more often while rolling
The ball is slower while moving through the air
Emotion Engine
I provide a completely changed match intensity and emotion engine, this fixes a lot of the AI boosts that occur.