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里面有两个工具一个是编辑工具FIFA Editor Tool 1.1.2(主要提供给喜欢DIY的玩家编辑和制作MOD用),一个是MOD补丁加载工具FIFA Mod Manager 1.1.2(打补丁必须用到的工具)


- Bug fix for modding cache being incomplete and not regenerated if the creation process is cancelled (Editor and Mod Manager)
- When removing rows from the Chunks data set in the NewWaveAsset editor, the corresponding chunks will be removed if they have previously been added (only imported chunks will be removed, not original game chunks) (Editor)
- Missing EBX assets now won't prevent EBX indexing from completing, and will be written to the log file (Editor)
- The custom FifaConfig launcher now more reliably finds the config.ini file (Editor and Mod Manager)
- Simplified the InitFs encryption and decryption code and improved the logging around it (Editor and Mod Manager)
- Bug fix for the standalone DB editor (not opened from an asset) not allowing importing of tables (Editor)
- The "Add New Row" row in the NewWaveAsset editor no longer takes up a row number (Editor)
- Added some more known column names to the NewWaveAsset editor (Editor)
- Added support for importing sounds in the NewWaveAsset editor when the Editor Tool or the sound file are located in a folder containing non-ASCII characters. The files will be copied to the C:\FIFA Editor Tool\Temp folder and then removed as necessary (Editor)
- Bug fix for reverting of a duplicated legacy file not completely removing it, resulting in unnecessary prompts to save the project when no changes had been made (Editor)
- Bug fix for NewWaveAsset editor data sets not being stored in the appropriate order, causing issues in game (Editor)
- Bug fix for TGA images being assumed to be in linear colour space rather than sRGB when the colour space was not indicated (Editor)
- The conflicts list now allows horizontal scrolling by holding the Shift key while using the mouse wheel (Mod Manager)
- Added a "Shrink Project File" item to a new "Advanced" menu under the "Tools" menu item, This is an experimental feature and should be used with caution, it aims to reduce to project file size. (Editor)
- Improved the lighting on the mesh editor to light from all directions equally (Editor)
- Improved the error message if layout.toc cannot be parsed (Editor)
- Updated various third-party dependencies (Editor and Mod Manager)
- Bug fix for textures in the mesh editor being too dark due to incorrect colour space issue (Editor)
- Bug fix for added chunks not being removed if adding of a legacy file during batch import fails (editor)
- Increased the height of the game selection window (Editor and Mod Manager)
- Improved the look of the window that displays mod installation errors (Mod Manager)
- Bug fix for exporting and importing HDR files not working (Editor)
- Batch legacy export now runs on a background thread, supports cancellation, and provides progress reporting (Editor)
- Improved the legacy BIG file editor when working with large ASTs (Editor)
- Minor RIFF EBX reading/writing improvements, espesically to do with patched files (Editor)
- EBX files with Delegate types can now be opened (Editor)
- Added FIFA 23 profile, with modding support (Editor)
- Improved BC1 texture support to ignore the alpha channel (Editor)
- Added a "Copy" button to the texture editor, that copies the texture in PNG format to the clipboard (Editor)
- Added drag-based scrolling to the texture editor (Editor)
- Support TextureArrayAsset during EBX batch import as .dds (Editor)
- The asset list now refreshes after a batch EBX import (Editor)
- Bug fix for batch EBX export and import potentially including assets from folders that start with the same text as the folder being exported/imported (Editor)
- Sorting of the asset list now uses a natural sort order (Editor)
- The current mip level/slice is now maintained when importing a new image on the texture editor (Editor)
- EBX batch import and export now respects the current filter (Editor)
- Improved the mod executor to not modify the EBX of ChunkFileCollectors if their manifests have not been changed (Editor and Mod Manager)
- Improved Madden support by recompressing modified legacy files into their original chunks, to ensure preloading works correctly (Editor and Mod Manager)
- Removed the unused "class view"/"help" section at the bottom of the EBX property grid (Editor)
- Added icons for the recent projects menu items (Editor)
- Changed the purple "Clear" buttons on the chunk/res explorer search bar and the InitFS editor search bar to white (Editor)
- Changed the colour picker keyboard shortcut from Ctrl + P to Ctrl + Shift + P (Editor)
- Added Ctrl + Shift + I as a keyboard shortcut for the InitFS editor (Editor)
- Changed the all-caps "TITLE" and "VERSION" headers to "Title" and "Version" (Mod Manager)
- "Export File Paths" menu items on the affected files list now all have icons (Mod Manager)
- Exporting composite meshes now includes the parts as bones in the mesh (Editor)
- Mesh sets now use the appropriate modded or original res meta (Editor)
- Enabled RGB dithering for BC1-3 compression when importing textures (Editor)
- Added StrandHairSet as a recognised resource type (Editor)
- Removed logging of legacy files in multiple collectors (Editor and Mod Manager)
- Bug fix for face import picking the haircap file instead of the hair mesh file for the actual hair mesh (Editor)
- Updated Madden 23 SDK (Editor)
- Many other bug fixes, performance improvements and other minor changes (Editor and Mod Manager)

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